Stubi─Źke Spa, settlement, thermal spa and health resort at the foot of the northern slopes of Medvednica in the Croatian Zagorje. Thermal springs are mentioned in the early 13th century. The healing springs perceives Zagreb Bishop Maximilian Vrhovac, buys spa, and edited them for that time become very health and tourist destination – 1811th built building with a bathing pool – Maximilian bath. Vrhov─Źev official architect Christian Heinrich Vesterburg beside the swimming pool building and city building the pavilion, “Diana’s bath” in the neo-Gothic style church of Sv. Catherine in the Classicist style. In 1814th completed construction of the entire swimming pool complex which is a witness, a doctor Joseph ┼áiti─ç writing a book.One of the largest bathing complex in our homeland, Stubi─Źke spa is sometimes called “Croatia ┼ávica” Today “Stubaki.

Boiling water is the source of 43 to 69.5 ┬║ C, the chemical composition is very rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, barium, manganese, zinc, lead, tin, copper, iodine, nickel (trace) bromine, iodine, sulphates, carbonates, silicates, etc.

Water proved to be particularly suitable for the rheumatism of the joints and muscles, išijalgiju, diskopatiju and traumatic conditions.

Stubi─Źke Spa is located in the Croatian Zagorje, 40 km north of Zagreb, 3 km west of Lower Stubica, at an altitude of 168 m.

Hotel Villa Magdalena **** – Krapinske Toplice Spa
Exclusive suites with jacuzzy and thermal water
Traditional and creative gastronomy
Panoramic wellness center with saunas
Outdoor swimming pool 


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